Frozen Vistas – A photographic discovery of Iceland

    Frozen Vistas – A photographic discovery of Iceland



Drawn by north in search of Icebergs and the Northern Lights professional photographer Shaun Reilly traveled to Iceland in to document the amazing country during its intense winter season in December and January of 2014 and 2015.


“Traveling and photographing in Iceland was an wonderful way to document a world that is nearly alien to us in Southern New Jersey.”


Shaun and his wife circled the entire country via the famous Ring Road or Rt. 1, a small two lane, mostly paved, path the circles the country and traverses lava fields, mountains, tidal flats, and seaside cliffs. Ice and snow covered roads made the trip a bit treacherous but the frozen views afforded by the four hour days were awe inspiring.


The images Shaun created focus on the way that the light interacts with the landscape and the secrets that it reveals about its hidden character.


“In my day to day photographic work, I focus on people. But in Iceland, the landscape took on a personality of its own. Each day on the icy winter roads gave me small glimpse into this beautiful and dangerous world. I found it particularly interesting to get to know the people that lived in the small hamlets and fishing villages in the north and east of the country. In land with rugged landscape, unforgiving, unpredictable weather, and four hours of daylight, the residents of Iceland were warm and welcoming. They have forged a sustainable and self sufficient life for themselves in the North Atlantic.


“Each day we witnessed the sun rise and fall and shed a beautiful light on the rugged landscapes. Images can only hint at the awe struck by the sheer scale and solitude of this volcanic island.”


Shaun's work was exhibited at the Noyes Museam of Art's Gallery in Atlantic City in a solo exhibition entitled "Frozen Vistas"


“We never did find the northern lights, but we saw a place unlike any that I’ve ever seen.”


Shaun Reilly studied literature and photography at Richard Stockton College. He lives with his wife Jana in Southern New Jersey. He is the owner of Shaun Reilly Photography and specializing in documenting the lives families and couples at the shore.


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